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This is for the couples who are head over heels, who can’t wait to declare their love with I Do’s and celebrate with their tribe of closest family and friends around them; choosing presence over presents and purposefully planning their wedding day to be uniquely their own, even if it means breaking from tradition. Who want to continuously remember this pivotal chapter in their journey together, exactly the way they lived it by investing in their photographs, investing in their memories and proudly displaying + sharing their story through tangible art within their home; albums that will eventually become heirlooms passed down to their children and grandchildren later down the road. Who look at these frames up on the walls and see a timeline of their relationship + family throughout the years, documented in brief moments of happiness, growth and love no matter the season.

I strive to blend fine art portraiture and photojournalism so you can have the best of both worlds; photographs that can stand proudly alone like works of art while still piecing together the telling of your story alongside candid, in-between moments. My goal not only is to deliver you a gallery of timeless, personal photographs but to also provide a supported experience throughout the entire planning process especially come the day of. Helping you put together an ideal timeline to maximize your time for photographs without taking away from the day itself, finding portrait locations with the best backdrops + light or ones with sentimental history that is unique to your relationship + story; bringing you coffee, pinning boutonnieres onto groomsmen, hemming dresses, removing stains, keeping us on schedule without any rushing, holding your train while walking around, making sure you guys are hydrated, acting as a buffer to any sort stress but I’d like to think most important of all, keeping the focus on you as a couple and ensuring you are happy + comfortable especially while in front of the camera.

I like to keep things simple and flexible, especially when it comes to the photography investment of your wedding planning so I have multiple packages to work with varying investments and include everything you need with options to customize more services and products you might want. Collections begin at $2500 + go up to $4900; to see full pricing and package add-ons, fill out the contact form and inquire about the AUCP bridal magazine for you and your love to look through together! At the end of the day, I want you to look back on your experience with AUCP to be one that felt connected, heartfelt and nostalgic; so if you’d like to make some magic together and my portfolio is speaking to you and the intention of how you want your wedding day to feel like, feel free to send me an email whenever you’re ready at: