Life Lately – May 2015 PT 2 // Petawawa + Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

A few shots of life lately from the end of May, from our stay at my parents place on the French River in Northern Ontario plus some favourite iPhone photos taken throughout the two weeks!

My husband had to go on a last minute two-week exercise, which at the time, had put a huge hiccup into my travel plans for work! As usual though, everything worked out and we were able to spend time with our extended family and I was able to see many old friends from my high school days:) It turned out to be a lovely two weeks despite the amount of driving we did. The French River, Hamilton, Petawawa, French River again, Barrie and then St.Catharines and back again! So many places! I’m grateful Abigail is such a trooper in the car and is as easy to travel with; makes the process a little smoother especially when I’m on my own with her.

I was able to work with a colleague turned close friend finally which also happened to be my first time second shooting and learning how to do in-camera double exposures! Had a few days all to myself (hubby AND kid free – like whoa – I didn’t know what to do with myself!!) before heading back to my parents and Abigail. We spent about a week together at the cottage which was lovely when the bugs weren’t swarming us silly (which as a side note, any sort of summer fly, I’m basically a magnet for). From there we headed on down to my sisters in Barrie where I was able to spend a night and half a day there. It was lovely coming home to farm fields and horse paddocks and beautiful spring blooms – a welcome change from the Ottawa Valley’s more rugged wilderness landscape. Abigail spent her days feeding the neighbouring horses, playing with Buster (my sister’s dog) and running around outside with  her older cousins till she couldn’t stand anymore she was so tired.

I headed further south to St.Catharines to photograph my first bridal session – of a client who also happens to be one of my old high school best friends. It was such a treat to be able to photograph her in her wedding dress and all, something we used to do as silly 15 year olds, taking selfies and documenting everything we did together. We also got to celebrate the buck and doe for her and her fiance, which was even more fun as I got to reconnect with many old high school friends  throughout the night.

Despite the amount of fun we all had, it was even better to be able to come home, see Mathew and find our groove in our day-to-day routine again. Especially knowing at the end of the week starts up the beginning of a full month and a half of weddings, photo sessions, a photographer’s potluck/meet-up and even a stylized shoot! The calm before the storm if you will 😉 Until next month for more life updates!

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