White Pine Yoga

Amanda Urbanski is an incredible photographer who effortlessly holds space to allow her subjects to open up and bare their souls. Her photos are breathtaking, in depth and compelling, because she is all of those things as well. Her exuberance, her enthusiasm and her curiosity are infectious. Radiance abounds with this one. Hire her. Now. Seriously. She’s all that and a bag of kale chips. // Shannon MacLaggan, White Pine Yoga


"The True Artist captures the Spirit the HeartSoul knows is Present, but the Mindeye cannot see. And Conveys such for eternity. This Gift of Amanda. ;)"

// Eric, 2016 Finding Freedom Retreat Attendee

Court Outdoors

"Amanda is an open-hearted soul who's passion is to stop time frame by beautiful frame and tell your story for you. She has a gift for capturing detail and lighting which beautifully evoke the feeling and mood of the moment. Amanda spots and brings to life the little but very special memories - shared laughs, smiles, and eye contact between friends and partners. Behind the camera Amanda is a gentle and loving personality who loves to smile and will put her whole heart into your time together; from the email communication to the photography session, to receiving your stunning gallery."

// Courtney Sinclair of Court Outdoors