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While I was in school, the topic of teaching once I had graduated my program came up numerous times and without skipping a beat, my response was always the same resounding, NO WAY! The idea of standing in front of a classroom full of young adults, where I was responsible for their education was incomprehensibly outlandish for so many different reasons; I would never be cut out for that kind of responsibility.  That was around 5 years ago and I’m pleased to report that my perspective surrounding teaching has drastically changed since then. Education, knowledge + learning is a lifelong journey and one that is meant to be shared together, with others. Although the idea of public speaking in front of a crowd of any level is still intimidating as all hell, I’ve come to realize how important an inclusive + open community is to a person’s growth and how much I love to share stories, my background and what I’ve learned along the way, to help make people feel more connected, empowered, aligned and inspired. The process of collaboration is pure magic and any chance I get to create, help or share with others and reinforce that knowledge is power, is a chance that makes my heart so so happy.

PHOTOGRAPHY// 1:1 mentoring + smaller, intimate groups of 2-5 people max to ensure a more hands on approach with the space to ask questions and apply the answers right then and there. Currently I am offering the Basics of Digital Photography and Learning How To Shoot Manual. I love to teach parents how to work their cameras (or even iPhones!!) so they can better document their family’s day-to-day moments with print-worthy photographs, to helping small business owners in how to shoot everyday content for their blogs + social media channels.

There are group + flat rates available, if you’re ready to take control over the kinds of photographs you’re taking of your family memories or for your business etc, contact me today to set something up!  

Yoga // 1:1 + small groups of 5-10 I am a registered Hatha yoga instructor and received my RYT200hr certificate in 2016. I teach primarily Yin classes as it was this style of yoga that essentially changed my life at a time where it felt like I had no more available head or heart space to function – I was merely surviving instead of thriving. My intention is to create this same, supported experience that is safe, available to anyone and that will allow you to slow right down in a day and age that celebrates being busy and overworked.

I am available for private in-home classes as well as retreats/workshops; There are group + per person rates available to those that might be interested! If this kind of experience speaks to you + your heart, please contact me for further details.


Upcoming Events | Retreats | Workshops // This page (along with my newsletter) is the space that I update any upcoming opportunities where I will be mentoring/teaching or will be photographing on behalf of a client hosting their own event/workshop/retreat etc (usually within the local community!), along with information of how and where you can sign up too! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates directly to your inbox – I promise no overwhelming spam just information when it’s necessary, useful + inspiring!

If anything you’ve read thus far resonates with you, speaks to you or was the push you were looking for to try something different, head over to my Contact page and fill out the form with some deets about you and what your goals are and we’ll get to planning, creating and learning together!